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Idaho Commercial Electricians

Bright Ideas Electrical Company in Boise offers top-quality commercial electrical services. Our licensed and skilled master electricians specialize in lighting but also handle a range of projects, from updating electrical systems to repairs and installations. We work with businesses of all sizes, including offices, retailers, manufacturing plants, and warehouses.

Our services include:

Initial Electrical Installation: Designing, developing, and executing full electrical systems for commercial buildings.

Electrical Retrofitting: Upgrading outdated electrical components to improve safety and reduce energy costs.

Ongoing Electrical Maintenance: Quick and efficient repair of electrical faults to minimize downtime.

Switchboard Installation: Installation and repair of distribution switchboards, ensuring safe power control.

NEC Code Corrections: Addressing safety hazards and violations of the National Electric Code standards.

Panel Replacements: Upgrading and replacing electrical panels to ensure the safe flow of electricity.

Electrical Service Upgrades: Enhancing electrical capacity to meet current codes and standards.

Energy Conservation Audits: Assessing energy use and providing guidance to improve efficiency in various systems.

Power Quality Analysis and Control: Identifying and addressing issues like improper wiring and unbalanced loads to maintain high power quality.

Trust our experienced electricians to handle your commercial electrical needs promptly and professionally. Contact us for a quote today.

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