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Idaho Commercial Electricians

At Bright Ideas Electrical Company, our highly skilled master electricians provide top quality service hundreds of retail, commercial, multi-family, and industrial customers in the Boise area. We are dedicated to our customers, providing monthly check-ins that ensure all of their lighting and electrical needs are satisfied. We work with companies of all sizes on varying projects from updating an entire electrical system, to repairs and small installations. We are a licensed Boise electrical contractor specializing in lighting. However, lighting isn’t the only job we do! From breakers and fuses to rewiring circuits and electrical troubleshooting–our master electricians can support your general commercial electrical needs to keep your lights on and the power flowing wherever you need it. We provide commercial electrical services for local offices, retailers, manufacturing plants, warehouses and more.

New appliances, lighting, industrial fans, and other changes to your restaurant, office break room, or commercial build out will inevitably require new electrical wiring and most likely an updated circuit board. The electricians at Bright Ideas Lighting can provide these commercial electrical services and more. Need an occupancy sensor for a dimly lit hall or stairway? We can do that. We can also add dimmers, replace switches and outlets, or simply get more power to the areas that need it. Contact us today for a quote on your commercial electrical needs today.

Besides having your fixtures and appliances up and running, they must look great and function flawlessly. When it comes to powering your business, you can trust the professionals at Boise to handle all the electrical components of your project. Our technicians are fully trained in the high standards set by OSHA and can meet all your electrical repair, installation, maintenance, and electrical remodeling needs.

Boise commercial electrical contractor is available for all types of electrical work, including:

Initial Electrical Installation

One of the major services that we provide is the installation of electrical wiring and systems in commercial buildings. We design, develop and execute full electrical systems for our clients.

Electrical Retrofitting

An outdated electrical component can present life-threatening situations like electrocution and shocks. At the same time, buying a new appliance can be costly when a simple modification can yield the same outcome. That’s where electrical retrofits come in. In the world of industrial electrical equipment, retrofits are regularly used to improve the quality of residential and commercial lighting while significantly reducing energy costs.

Ongoing Electrical Maintenance

Most businesses cannot afford prolonged electrical systems and equipment downtimes. Whether you’re struggling with an electrical fault in a domestic property or a single breaker in a service panel that shuts down a manufacturing facility, you need an experienced electrician who can quickly repair every electrical fault. We provide electrical wiring, electrical engineering, electricians, and ground testing services.

Switchboard Installation

Homes and industrial facilities that run a variety of equipment can benefit from having a distribution switchboard installed. An electrical switchboard is a component of an electricity supply system that allows you to cut the main power to the circuit affected in a safe way. It’s integral to your home’s power and should be looked after. Our team of highly trained and skilled electricians can perform electrical switchboard installation and repair your current switchboard or fuse box. We also make sure that our installation service comes with the installation of safety switches.

NEC Code Corrections

The NEC is the universal standard for safety in both electrical installation and design. It ensures both people and property are protected from electrical dangers (including fires and electrocution). NEC Electric code violations pose potentially serious safety hazards and should be handled by certified and knowledgeable electricians in your area as soon as possible. Having a code inspection done on your home can help identify code violations. No matter why you need electrical code corrections, the Boise commercial electrician pros can take care of it.

Panel Replacements

Your electrical panel controls the electricity flowing to all areas of your commercial property. It is where utility wires deliver electricity for distribution to all the electrical circuits. Unfortunately, as buildings get older, the electrical panel can fail to keep your appliances, lights, and electronics running safely.

Only a skilled electrician can perform replacements or repairs on your electrical panel. Luckily for you, our certified electricians provide top-notch electric panel upgrade and replacement services.

Electrical Service Upgrades

Not having enough power isn’t just an inconvenience — it can damage sensitive electronics. Investing in a service upgrade can ensure your home has up to current codes and standards. Often this means replacing a small fuse box to a modern panel with breakers.

A complete electrical service upgrade to your home is a complicated job that should be handled by a qualified electrician. Fortunately, our electrical experts are ready to provide electrical capacity upgrades at a moment’s notice.

Energy Conservation Audits

The frequent occurrences of energy shortages call for energy conservation measures. An energy conservation audit can help you understand the whole picture of your home’s energy use. It can also allow you to acquire skills that are necessary to address significant energy challenges. With this straightforward guidance, it’s easy to know what you need to do to improve the energy efficiency of your electrical distribution system, lighting, HVAC, boilers, motors, pumps, etc.

Similar to any other electrical task, an energy audit should be done by a qualified electrician. That’s why Boise electrical company offers the best energy cost audit, electrical energy audit, and industrial energy audit.

Power Quality Analysis and Control

The electrical distribution system aims to sustain the quality functioning of the loads. Low power quality results in extra costs due to excessive energy use and unscheduled stops. Improper wiring, incorrect grounding, and unbalanced loads are just a few examples of low power quality.

You need expert electricians who know the correct measures that can decrease the number and harshness of these disturbances. If you are facing any problem related to power quality, reach out to us immediately. We identify system problems, review operational integrity and safety issues, and make recommendations.

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