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Lighting Maintenance and Light Service for Gyms, Offices, Retail, Senior Living and More


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Bright Ideas Lighting Services 

Often under-appreciated and overlooked, lighting and light quality is critical to the operations of any business. Lighting can affect sales, productivity, security, mood, and more. Bright Ideas not only helps you maintain the lighting in your building, we help you make smart choices about the types of fixtures and lighting that will not only give you the optimal light quality for your operations, it will help reduce your energy and maintenance costs year after year.

As master electricians and commercial lighting experts, we can analyze your interior and exterior lighting needs and provide a competitive quote for maintaining, upgrading, or retrofitting your warehouse, parking lot, retail store, office building, gymnasium, fitness center, senior living center, or other commercial property. When you choose to work with Bright Ideas, you’re not only getting the best commercial lighting company in Boise, ID, you’re supporting a local, established electrician dedicated to helping you get the biggest benefits from your lighting choices.

Our Lighting Services

We Help You Make Smart Lighting Choices for Your Business, Your Tenants, and Your Customers.

As a business owner, you have a lot of great reasons for considering an LED retrofit or upgrade. LED lighting provides better illumination, costs pennies to operate, is better for the environment, and right now, making the switch to LED fixtures and lamps can earn you government rebates. There is no better time to call Bright Ideas Lighting for a FREE LIGHTING AUDIT and see what a difference LEDs can make to your bottom line.

Lower Operational and Maintenance Costs with an LED Upgrade

If you could save up to 70% on your energy costs every month, why wouldn’t you? For most businesses, this annual savings, when combined with Boise’s energy incentives, makes the decision to replace outdated lighting with energy efficient LEDs an easy one, especially if your high ceilings means replacing bulbs and ballasts requires a professional service call. LED’s last significantly longer- up to 20 years, virtually eliminating the need for monthly service calls. Fact is, the initial cost for a business to upgrade to energy efficient lighting quickly pays for itself in reduced service calls, lower energy costs, higher productivity, reduced thefts, and fewer accidents due to poor lighting conditions. To see how much it will cost to upgrade your lighting to LED’s contact Bright Ideas Lighting.

Keep Your Fixtures and Get the Benefits of LED Lighting with an LED Retrofit

LED retrofits have a lower initial investment than LED upgrades. With an LED Retrofit, our licensed master electrician will convert your existing fixtures to LED. This means new wiring and/or hardware and switches to make your fixture work with LED lamps or tubes. Your operations can still receive some form of a government rebate, and you’ll benefit month after month from lower energy bills and reduced lighting maintenance calls. We can perform LED retrofits on most commercial and industrial lighting fixtures, as well as exterior building and parking lot lights. To see how much LED lighting will reduce your energy costs, contact Bright Ideas Lighting, Boise’s first choice in commercial lighting solutions.

Make the Switch to LED with Bright Ideas Lighting

When you work with Bright Ideas Lighting you can be confident your LED upgrade or LED retrofit will be the right one. Bright Ideas Lighting is an established, local commercial lighting and electrical company with a reputation for making it easy for customers to maximize government incentives and honor warranties that far exceed industry standards. You already know why choosing LED lighting is the right decision for your commercial lighting needs, so schedule your FREE lighting and energy audit today and see why choosing Bright Ideas Lighting is the right company to install it!

Commercial Lighting Maintenance and Lamp Repair

Even if you are a hands-on business owner, your time is best spent running your business, not changing light bulbs or performing lamp repair. Bright Ideas Lighting will keep your business well-lit and looking good. Our customers range from large retail stores and hospitals with hundreds of light fixtures to banks, auto repair shops, and medical / dental offices with less than twenty light fixtures. If you are on a maintenance program with Bright Ideas Lighting, we’ll visit your facility once per month as part of our service route. Of course, if you need lamp repair or lighting service between our visits we can usually get to your business in less than a day.

We are also a subcontractor for national lighting and sign companies without a local presence in the Idaho market. If you are a national lighting company, call on us to handle your facilities in the Boise Idaho metro area. We frequently subcontract for companies who have national lighting contracts with large chain stores, but lack an Idaho presence. You can count on us to make sure that your Idaho stores are handled professionally!

Contact the Boise Commercial Lighting Company Today

For a full list of our lighting services or to request a free lighting and energy audit, give Bright Ideas Lighting a call today at (208) 378-1889. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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